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Training That Will Make Every Tail Wag January 1st marks the new year for your resolutions, but what about your dog’s New Year resolutions? Now is the time to reflect on the things you wish your dog knew how to do. Walking on an off leash beach would be a fun way to enjoy the […]

Finding something to do with your best friend on the weekend in the Bay Area couldn’t be easier! Does your companion enjoy baseball almost as much as you do? Then head over to the Oakland Coliseum on Friday, July 14th. All dogs are welcome to the ball park to help cheer on the A’s as […]

It’s time to get out and enjoy the scenic views of the East Bay before the season changes! When your dog isn’t having a ball at Happy Hound, you and your four-legged friend can hit the trails to get out of the city for a short time and take pleasure in Oakland’s hidden gems. To […]