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If you’re a first time dog owner, you’re probably caught up in all the excitement of having something fun, adorable, and spunky in your home. The enthusiasm that comes from being a new dog owner can get you pretty far. But there are some things that can be your demise if you’re not careful. Here […]

I have a soft spot in my heart for folks who foster dogs. Fostering dogs saves lives, keeps dogs out of shelters, and provides you with the unique experience of owning a dog temporarily. There are lots of reasons to foster a dog. It comes without the lifetime hassle of vet bills, walks in the […]

If you notice your (young or middle aged) dog slowing down, or gaining weight, his diet is likely to blame. Most dogs gain weight slowly over the span of their lives, and while you may think a pound or two is cute, or no big deal, extra weight can mean huge problems for your dog’s […]

Every dog owner goes through the same dilemma: to vacation with or without the dog? If you take a summer trip with your dog, you have to factor in dog-friendly hotels, bringing all their toys, bedding, and food. Plus you have to revolve your days around whether or not they’re welcome at the restaurants/spas/activities you […]

Does your dog have ridiculous habits? Probably not, if they were trained at Happy Hound! These dog owners aren’t so lucky. Check out some of the mischief these dogs have gotten into. “I convince my brother to go outside, then I run back in and eat his supper”         – “I’m sorry […]

Ever wonder what Happy Hound could do for you? Check out Dominique’s experience in the board and train program. “I’ve definitely been super vigilant with Dido, and it seems to be working, especially when it comes to walks. I’ve noticed she looks up at me more often when I give her commands. Not only that, […]

Every day around the world, dogs are saving people’s lives, warming their hearts, and getting awards from cities and politicians. Here are some of the most unbelievable, heart warming, and wonderful stories about dogs doing great things around the world.   1. Cairo the SEAL Dog Cairo the military dog was born and bred for the […]

Ask any dog owner and they’ll probably tell you the 4th of July is the scariest holiday for their dog because of the fireworks. We’ve known some dogs to hide in the closet, hide under the bed, cower in the car, or sit on their owner’s lap shaking. If you want to help your dog […]

Ok, so you know that dogs evolved from wolves, and that they can smell super well. But there are about 100 other interesting facts about dogs you may not know about. Do you know all 10? Check it out below: 1. Dogs are Really Hot There’s the hot dogs you  buy in the store, and […]

A few weeks ago, we cut the ribbon on our new Happy Hound play and daycare center! This means all sorts of fantastic new amenities for your dog’s play, comfort, and cuddles! Your dog will have sweet dreams in our climate controlled, comfortable sleeping areas with soft, clean bedding and soft classical music, protected by […]