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We’ve spent over a year working our little tails off to bring you a bigger dog boarding facility with lots more amenities! You’ll see dogs having a great time in their cage-free environment, playing and socializing with their other pals, having a safe, fun, stimulating day. We have special play areas for small dogs, shy […]

This weekend, we celebrated the grand opening of the new Happy Hound play and daycare center. We had dogs playing, music bumping, people laughing, and prizes to give out. Check out some of our favorite photos from the opening party!

Teaching your dog to come when called can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding things you can do. If your dog has good recall, ie: the consistent ability to come when called, you can prevent your dog from running into the road, chasing squirrels or cars, and keep your dog from running into […]

Getting your dog to stay is a challenging, yet super important part of dog ownership. Mastering the “stay” can keep your dog from dangerously running after cars, chasing down things he shouldn’t eat, or keep him from scaring the neighborhood cat. At Happy Hound, we tie “down” and “stay” into one command so that when […]

  Dog hair everywhere is standard. On the floor. On your clothes. In your hair. Your car. Your purse. Keys. Food. You name it, there’s hair on it. You kinda hate it, but you kinda don’t care cuz your dog is #1 in your eyes.           2. Fourth of July is […]

When dogs dig after pooping, they’re not burying anything – they’re marking their territory using scent glands in their paws.   2. Your dog’s wet nose helps him detect scent by absorbing the water droplets that carry smells.       3. But tiny dogs, like Chihuahuas, can hear sounds in higher ranges than big […]

Border Collies and Poodles are considered to be the most intelligent dogs                   2. Afghan Hounds and Basenjis are considered to be the least intelligent 3. Dog pee can corrode metal – so if your dog has peed on any pipes or appliances in the house, clean […]

Happy Hound is moving! We’ve got a brand spankin’ new facility coming for you and your dogs! This is a state of the art facility with tons of space for your dogs to play during daycare. Our hotel suites for overnight fur balls are spacious and leave plenty of room for our 24/7 staff to come […]

Every dog owner has experienced the “uuughhh!” of stinky dog farts. They’re smelly and unavoidable. Or are they? So what causes stinky dog farts, and how can you stop them? Why they happen: Dogs tend to swallow lots of air when gulping down their food, which can lead to gas. Certain foods are also bigger […]

Microchipping is a quick, cheap, and relatively non-invasive injection that is administered just like a vaccination and stores the information needed to return your pet to you should they run away. The microchip, which is injected in the shoulder area of your pet, is a tiny device encoded with a serial number that corresponds to […]