Happy Hound offers dog boarding, daycare, trainingspa services, transportation and more!


Lots of Attentionhappy hound services

We hire and train people who genuinely love dogs and who give them lots of attention—and believe me, the dogs respond! (Read more about Our Staff.) Every dog is assessed to make sure they fit the Happy Hound environment.

Whatever You Need

I also thought about you, the dog’s owner. Whatever you need, we provide. Want a late pick-up? An early drop-off? One-on-one attention for your dog? A report on how your dog is doing? Want to check on your dog during the day using our Webcam? No problem! We’re here for you…and your dog. Is your dog at Happy Hound today? Watch them play on our live webcam.

Where Dogs Flourish

The best thing about Happy Hound may be the effect it has on dogs after they leave here. We see it happen all the time. Shy dogs learn to be sociable and confident; nervous dogs become calmer; overweight dogs increase their metabolism…and they all have a ball! (Read Testimonials to see the effect Happy Hound has on dogs; and read About Happy Hound to learn why.)