Vet Clinic

If your dog gets nervous at the vet’s office or it’s challenging for you to find time to make an appointment, consider our Vet Clinic. We have partnered with Broadway Pet Hospital to offer important vaccine and check up services onsite at Happy Hound. View a full list of services available at our upcoming Vet Clinic.

To reserve your spot for our upcoming vet clinic, call Happy Hound (510-547-3647) or email


Rally and Tricks Class

Upcoming Series (each has 4 weekly sessions):rally class oakland jumping
June 9, 16, 23, 30

10:30am – 11:30am
$105 for each series

Limited to 10 attendees

What comes after puppy and basic obedience classes with your dog? RALLY CLASS!

You and your dog work as a team and go through a course of 10 to 20 stations. Each station demands a specific task that you have to perform together.

Rally trains your dog to pay attention to what you are asking him/her to do. Since you are working as a team, your dog learns to respect you and work with you. Rally improves your relationship with your dog and takes your training to the next level.

We will incorporate teaching tricks to break up the structure of doing only a Rally course. Some of the Rally tasks are related to training your dog to perform tricks or freestyle moves. This class is all about teamwork, putting your training to the test, and having a fun and interactive experience with your dog!

The more classes you attend, the more you improve. Because every class session stands alone, repeating a series is not repeating the same training. It is solidifying the skills and continuing to improve the relationship you have established with your dog. In addition, rally/tricks is essentially a forum for obedience training. If your dog can follow your lead at a rally station, he/she can follow your lead when you ask him/her to do other things. Each class is different!

To reserve your spot for the next Rally and Tricks Class, call Happy Hound (510-547-3647) or email




Training Reinforcement Classes


Happy Hound holds a group reinforcement training class every Sunday from 1pm-2pm for graduates of our training programs. This is a drop in training course where our graduates can join in the fun and get additional training tips from our trainers.

Our trainers focus on reinforcing proper leash etiquette, how to use chosen training tools, basic command reinforcement and occasional bonus training games. The trainers cover a different topic every Sunday. We recommend attending as many of these reinforcement training sessions as possible to get the most out of your board and train program!