Grooming Pricing Guide

Bath Menu

Basic Bath

For dogs who just want the basics: includes shampoo and blow dry.
$46 – up to 19 lbs
$57 – 20-60 lbs
$75 – over 60 lbs

Deluxe Bath

For dogs who deserve a little extra pampering: includes shampoo, blow dry, mani/pedi and ear cleaning.
$63 – up to 19 lbs
$75 – 20-60 lbs
$92 – over 60 lbs

The Works

For longer-haired dogs who love to be pampered: includes shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, nails, ears, and brush out.
$75 – up to 19 lbs
$86 – 20-60 lbs
$103 – over 60 lbs

Shed-less Bath

Perfect for medium to long-haired breeds who tend to shed, especially in Spring and Summer: includes a deep cleaning followed by a thorough brush and blow out.
$98 – up to 19 lbs
$109 – 20-60 lbs
$126 – over 60 lbs

De-Skunk Treatment, $75 + cost of bath

Specialized Shampoo

We offer a few different specialized baths for dry/itchy skin, hot spots, allergic/sensitive dogs, flea baths and de-skunk baths. A specialized shampoo can be selected with any of the above bath choices.
Price of Basic, Deluxe or The Works (your choice) plus $25

Mani/Pedi, $30

Trim and file those long nails!

Additional Spa Services, $30 each

Ear Cleaning
Teeth Brushing

Grooming Menu

All full grooms include a deluxe bath (shampoo, conditioner, brush out, blow dry, mani/pedi, teeth, ear cleaning and haircuts as requested).

Mini grooms include the same as full grooms, but get feet, legs, sanitary and face trim for a tidy look without sacrificing length.

Small (up to 19 lbs)

Mini groom, $75
Full groom, $95

Medium (20-60 lbs)

Mini groom, $95
Full Groom, $115

Large (60-100 lbs)

Mini groom, $125
Full Groom, $150

X-large  (100 lbs or more)

Mini groom, $150
Full Groom, $200

Puppy Trim (under 6 months)

Deluxe bath: face, feet, sanitary trim

Small (up to 19 lbs), $75
Medium (20-60 lbs), $85
Large (60-100 lbs), $100

Al a carte (does not include bath)

Sanitary trim, $30
Paw trim (pads, toes, hair) $20
Face trim (eyes, bangs, nose, cheeks) $40
Eyes or ears only, $15

Additional Spa Services, all $30

Ear Cleaning
Brushing (as quoted)
Teeth Brushing
Anal Gland Expression
Mani/Pedi ($30)

Dematting (must be brushable mats)

$25 per 15 minute brushing
$35 per 15 minute shaving

Dematting: If mats are unable to be brushed out, our groomer may need to shave them out & even out the coat by giving the dog a full groom. Please consult with our groomer to decide which method will be better for your dog.