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Give your pup’s nutrition some added support during their stay at Happy Hound. We offer specially-formulated fresh food supplements as an add-on to their meals.

Our supplement add-ons are great for dogs in training, boarding, and daycare. They can be added when you request your happy hound’s next reservation in the Client Portal.

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Supplement Options

Brain Boost – The Brain Boost Supplement includes a meal topper and bone broth crafted from grass fed, organic, and USDA ingredients. These recipes are specifically-designed to inspire focus and calm.

  • $10/day – includes breakfast and dinner

Puppy Power – Puppies are go, go, go, and sleep, sleep, sleep in a (seemingly unending) cycle. The components of the Puppy Power Supplement are chosen to support activity and growth during this formative time of their lives.

  • $10/day – includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Probiotics – Probiotics are known to improve digestive health, provide critical support to the immune system, and are high in calcium and protein. Our probiotics come in the form of a frozen sheep’s milk yogurt snack that will make your happy hound feel like a very good dog.

  • $3/day – includes two servings

*Note: All pricing may be adjusted by weight.