Puppy Park

Specialized and Safe Puppy Care

Our Puppy Park is customized around the unique physical and developmental needs of puppies. During their first few weeks, puppies are very excited and impressionable. In our puppy park, we channel that enthusiasm to create a safe and educational environment. Our puppy handlers teach them about appropriate boundaries with both humans and other dogs, all while encouraging them to play and socialize with the other pups. Since the puppies are kept away from the adult dog playgroups, they have the opportunity to learn skills safely among their puppy peers.

Why Our Puppy Park?

When puppies are left unattended at home, they have the tendency to be mischievous and get into things that are dangerous…medications, garbage cans, human food that may be toxic to them, electrical cords, etc. During the first few weeks of their development, we have the opportunity to positively impact them and set them on a path to success with you. If you’re unable to be with your pup at home, we welcome them to our Puppy Park.east bay puppy nursery

Our Puppy Park Includes:

  • Natural lighting through abundant skylights to increase the dogs serotonin production which produces happier puppies
  • Top-of-the-line doggy beds
  • Water for hydration as needed
  • Lunch
  • One on one care
  • Air conditioning and heating

Puppy Training

In addition to our Puppy Park, we also offer puppy training. Learn more about our training services here!