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Tips to help with potty accidents when your dog is feeling anxious or scared.

Trainer Tips: Potty Training Your Happy Hound Whether you have a young pup, an old pup, or a rescue pup, potty training is the first and most essential step to having a happy and healthy life with your pup. Here are some of our top guidelines to properly potty train your happy hound. 1) Keep […]

If your dog is peeing when he’s afraid, or senses that people or dogs around him are dominant, that’s a subconscious response that cannot be controlled. You should never punish the behavior — that can make it worse. True submissive urination is just your dog reacting to your body language, and punishment can make it worse. Don’t […]

When you think of house breaking a dog, usually a puppy comes to mind. But what happens if you’re fostering or have rescued an adult dog that needs house breaking training? Here are 3 tips to potty training your older pooch: 1. Be consistent with feeding times Feed your dog at the same time every […]