An Exciting “Home Away from Home” That Your Dog Will Absolutely Love

Walk into our spacious, environmentally-green facility in Oakland, and you (and your dog) will immediately sense what makes Happy Hound different.

You’ll see dogs having a great time in their cage-free environment, playing and socializing with their other pals, having a safe, fun, stimulating day. Some will be playing in the adjacent backyard.

You’ll see special play areas for small dogs, shy dogs and medium dogs—places filled with beds and toys—as well as our comfortable, private rooms for boarding where your pooch can get a peaceful night’s sleep.

You’ll see our trained staff giving lots of one-on-one attention, providing naps and lunches where needed.

Because Happy Hound is dedicated to the health and safety of the animals in our care, we are pleased to announce the installation of PetAirapy at our facility. PetAirapy is an air purification system that cleans and sanitizes the air to help eliminate airborne pathogens that can cause diseases. Its proprietary sizing method kills 99.9% of airborne and surface pathogens and controls odors. It also helps eliminate irritating allergens. Pets in our care breathe clean, purified air to keep them healthier and happier.

It’s no wonder so many of our owner-clients say that, after a day or night at Happy Hound, their best friends don’t want to leave!

You can view our webcams here!